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Hushabye Nursery is open
and caring for babies and moms

Facility Update
Located at 3003 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, is now complete and ready to welcome Moms and babies.

Hushabye Nursery HOPPE Classes Go Online

Hushabye Opioid Pregnancy Preparation & Empowerment (HOPPE) Classes now using Zoom video meetings to reach out to patients.
The opioid epidemic in America has drawn attention to the many complex medical and social issues surrounding substance use disorders (SUDs).
Through a $800K grant, The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation has provided key funds allowing Hushabye Nursery to complete the new facility and fund programs.

What is Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome?

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) refers to symptoms of withdrawal that babies may have if their mothers used or abused substances during pregnancy. Signs of withdrawal most commonly are a result of opiate exposure such as Heroin, Codeine, Oxycodone (Oxycontin), Methadone or Buprenorphine. Symptoms of withdrawal may present as early as 24-48 hours after birth, or as late as 10 days of age.

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What is Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome?

What kind of treatment will my baby need?

Providing comfort measures is always the first treatment for NAS. Comfort measures include:
• Hold your baby skin to skin
• Swaddle in a blanket - hands to face and knees to chest
• Breastfeeding • Small frequent feedings
• Warming feedings • Sucking on a pacifier
• Low light, low noise • Slow vertical rocking
• Shushing sound- mimics mother’s heartbeat
• Deep breathe- helps calm baby and caregiver

What kind of treatment will my baby need?