Volunteer at Hushabye Nursery

All it takes is a caring heart and loving arms to make a difference
and be a part of the mission of Hushabye Nursery

Note: Hushabye Nursery Requires All Volunteers to Be Fully Vaccinated for COVID-19

Be a Part of Our Mission at Hushabye Nursery

The power of physical touch has been proven to provide incredible benefits for an infant’s brain development, physical health, and ability to recover from illness. The “Infant Cuddler” role at Hushabye Nursery provides contact and interaction to babies experiencing NAS through soothing techniques including rocking, swaying, singing, and swaddling.

We rely on our volunteers to help provide the one to one care that is vital to the recovery of infants experiencing Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. Our volunteers are trained through the Eat, Sleep, and Console (ESC) treatment program that is at the heart of the services we provide. Volunteers complete trauma informed training prior to their service in the nursery, with ongoing training and support provided.

Highly experienced neonatal nurse practitioners support and supervise our volunteers to ensure the safe execution of ESC treatment protocol. All it takes is a caring heart and loving arms to make a difference in the life of an infant!

How It Works

You can become a volunteer in a few simple steps. Please click below to see open Volunteer Opportunities or reach out to patricia.beach@hushabyenursery.org. We can’t wait to meet you!

Volunteer Testimonials

“I have learned so much about not only how to care for these babies, but also about the disease behind neonatal abstinence, how it impacts our community, and how comprehensive services are needed to address healing the families that Hushabye serves.”

Suzanne R.

“I truly felt like I was making a difference for the Hushabye baby I Cuddled today. The nurse on staff told me that he had not slept all morning and was in a lot of pain. I closed my eyes and took three deep breaths, and hoped my centering breaths would help him feel the peace I was working to create. I swaddled him tightly and held him close, and soon, he was sleeping quietly and his breathing had regulated. We rocked (he slept) together in the dark room for three peaceful hours. That sweet baby will never know how he helped me feel strong, calm and needed.”

Elizabeth G.

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