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About Hushabye Nursery

Our Mission

Hushabye Nursery’s mission is to ‘embrace substance exposed babies and their caregivers with compassionate, evidence-based care that changes the course of their entire lives.’

The organization was founded by Tara Sundem, a neonatal nurse practitioner who witnessed firsthand the challenges of newborns exposed prenatally to opioids and those families trying to care for them.

Hushabye Nursery offers a safe and inclusive space where mothers, family members and babies – from conception through childhood – can receive integrative care and therapeutic support that offers each child the best possible life outcomes. Programs include prenatal and postpartum support groups, inpatient nursery services and outpatient therapies.

Our Values

  • Embracing innovation through collaboration.
  • Nurturing families with integrity, by showing respect and compassion.
  • Empowering ourselves and those we serve through education.
  • Promoting the health of the whole person- physical, mental, and emotional.
  • Hushabye Nursery believes that anything is possible when we foster the principles of hope and resilience in the families and communities we serve.

The Challenge

With nearly 50,000 opioid-related deaths in 2017, today’s opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug crisis in American history. The opioid crisis is made more complex when considering the growing phenomenon of co-occurring pregnancy.

Women who become pregnant while using opioids – both illegal and medically-monitored – are typically prescribed opiates throughout their pregnancies due to the risk of prenatal withdrawal and miscarriage. As a result, their babies are born into an opiate dependent state known as Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) which requires a complex and painful detoxification process in the days following birth.

In the state of Arizona, two babies are born every day withdrawing from opioid dependency.

Why Hushabye Nursery?

Hushabye Nursery’s care model provides the ideal setting for the family-centered Eat, Sleep and Console (ESC) best practice care protocol for infants experiencing Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). Hushabye Nursery is licensed with the Arizona Department of Health as a Level 1 Sub-Acute facility and is accredited through CARF International.

At Hushabye Nursery, each infant experiencing NAS and their caregiver shares one of 12 private rooms. This allows primary caretakers to room-in, feed frequently, and provide the continual one-on-one soothing and bonding critical for recovery. Hushabye Nursery’s nurses draw from their extensive experience to provide targeted care to infants that reduces Adverse Childhood Experiences. Hushabye Nursery’s team and caregivers are trained in soothing techniques shown to be effective non-pharmacologic interventions.

Hushabye Nursery’s use of pharmacologic intervention is 4% compared with the average NICU use of 95%. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends non-pharmacologic management should be the first line of treatment for all newborns experiencing NAS. The National Association of Neonatal Nurses’ evidence-based practice reports that “[t]he Eat, Sleep, Console Model (ESC) is the number one modality that has shown to significantly reduce postnatal opioid use for the management of NAS and decrease length of hospital stay by as much as 73%.” The ESC model of care significantly decreases length of treatment and cost of care. ESC is the primary intervention for infants with NAS at Hushabye Nursery.

Leadership Team

Tara Sundem – one member team

Tara Sundem

Hushabye Nursery Co-Founder and Executive Director

General Staff

John Andrews

Chief Financial & Operating Officer

General Staff

Lee Greenfield

Chief Development Officer

General Staff

Rebecca Doyle

Director of Mission Delivery

General Staff

Michael White

Director of Community Programs

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Executive Board

Brandon Clark


Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Equality Health.

Executive Board

Joyce Bulman

Vice President

Sr. Director, Hospice & Palliative Care at Banner Health.

Executive Board

Margie Burke


Chief Financial Officer at The Desert Botanical Garden.

Executive Board

Jim Burke


Principal of industrial arts, Professor GCU, VP Western Region, Saarteco


Board Members

Mike Brinkley

Board Member

Strategic planning and marketing, land-use planning, development, and management.

Board Members

Susan Cordts

Board Member

CEO and Founder of Catalytic Health Partners

Board Members

Melissa DeLaney

Board Member

PR and Communications Consultant

Board Members

Lesley Wimmer

Board Member

Director of Risk Management for Community Medical Services

Board Members

Beth Kohler

Board Member

Principal at Kohler Consulting, LLC.

Board Members

Dr. Marc Lato

Board Member

ASU – School for the Science of Health Care Delivery. Board-certified physician

Board Members

Michael Morton

Board Member

Principal - Medical Office Brokers

Board Members

Connie Perez

Board Member

Vice President, Revenue Cycle at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Board Members

Beth Scarano

Board Member

Principal/CEO at LaunchPM

Board Members

Anne Garrett, MD, FAAP

Board Member

Pediatric Specialist with Scottsdale Children's Group

Board Members

Mary Jo Gregory

Board Member

President and Chief Executive Officer of The NARBHA Institute

Diversity Statement

We promote the intrinsic dignity and value of every person and ensure all programming is relevant across race, culture, age, and gender, and addresses barriers to equity, equality, and inclusion. Each Individual treatment plan is tailored to the unique needs of NAS infants and their parents/caregivers. We ensure patients understand their rights, define treatment options and create individual treatment plans.

Hushabye Nursery is resolved to improve this public health crisis in our community by implementing innovative programs, using data to achieve focused results and resourcefully work through systemic challenges to impact change and create hope.

We are at a critical point in the national opioid crisis. Hushabye Nursery knows that anything is possible when we foster the principles of hope and resilience in the families and communities we serve. We work in the community to erase the stigma and educate the public on treatment of pregnant and parenting mothers/parents/caregivers experiencing SUD and NAS infants. Our programs are making a difference as evidenced by our positive outcomes.

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