April 6, 2021

Providing comfort measures is always the first treatment for NAS.
Comfort measures include:
  • Hold your baby skin to skin
  • Swaddle in a blanket – hands to face and knees to chest
  • Breastfeeding • Small frequent feedings
  • Warming feedings • Sucking on a pacifier
  • Low light, low noise • Slow vertical rocking
  • Shushing sound- mimics mother’s heartbeat
  • Deep breathe- helps calm baby and caregiver


Babies in Recovery as Opioid Crisis Continues

Pregnant with her second child, Clarissa Collins was at her methadone clinic when a woman walked in with a box of doughnuts and a baby doll. The woman, Tara Sundem, was partway through a five-year effort to open Hushabye Nursery and launch a novel family-focused program that would treat substance-exposed infants and offer care and support to their caregivers.

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